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i have… thoughts… about caboose taking on more thrill-seeking behavior…   because maybe epsilon checks in with him to make sure he was okay   caboose didn’t quite understand the danger he was in   he DID have carolina and washington and everyone around him??? so he was safe by his standards???   maybe ‘death’ doesn’t tend to mean much to him because he’s used to church’s state of ‘death’   it doesn’t scare him or make him wary of danger — or maybe he literally just doesn’t understand   but either way   he starts doing dangerous things   because it makes epsilon speak to him   it makes epsilon CARE   it gives caboose attention and god isn’t that all he really needs from his best friend right now   so it’s all fun and games to caboose because life is a plaything anyway   until epsilon’s attention about it turns into /praise/ to caboose   and he craves it so desperately that he intentionally places himself in situations that can be the means to his desired ends   and he just doesn’t quite understand what he’s actually doing   and maybe it escalates; and maybe one day it goes a little too far   and he’s bleeding and bloodied and broken but church is hovering beside him and speaking softly to him   and caboose doesn’t understand why he sounds upset   because everyone turns to ghosts when they die silly   church you of all people should know that  but church only calls him an ‘idiot’ while tucker holds caboose’s hand   and that’s church for ‘i love you and you’re my best friend’   so caboose is perfectly happy when he slowly slips into sleep   knowing for certain that when he comes back he and church will be ghosts together   :(((

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The game grumps are awesome- they actually talked about ALS and then donated 5k as well.
That is how you do charity.

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Are you behind on this season of Red vs Blue? Never fear! This thirty-second guide will get you completely up to speed. I promise.



a small cat

a baby

the podcast was super choppy

but then hannah hart stopped by

and it was great


the worst part about going back to school is the sudden and constant presence of heterosexuals


the ultimate trilogy has been completed





18 Puns That Are So Bad, They’re Good


here’s both of them together for all your achievement hunter needs


The finest moments of Team Love N’ Stuff aka Achievement Hunter’s Ryan Haywood and Gavin Free.

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« Hey Jen! It's Nikita. How has your summer been? (Sorry if it seems I haven't tried to make contact in a while, I lost your email address.) Anyways, are you going to freshman orientation on the 26th? » — Anonymous

Eyyyy nikita. No ill be on vacation. sadly. scarily. but my summer has been very boring.

To add on to my post about the Ice Bucket Challenge-

Even though I do not have the money to donate, I encourage everyone to give what they can. ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Scelrosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is a serious medical condition that deteriorates nerve cells, and leads to death. 

Go here to donate.

It doesn’t have to be $100, anything helps.

Why suffer ice cold water when you can just be damn good person and donate?

Im a little pissed off about the ice bucket challenge. You’re basically saying

Im doing something incredibly uncomfortable and slightly humiliating because giving to charity is just that hard.

That’s kind of shitty.

(I get that some people are doing it because they honestly don’t have the money, but all these celebrities?)

I didn’t even know what ALS was until i looked it up. Not one video I’ve watched explained it, they only said “The ALS ice bucket challenge” I feel like people are using this just to get attention for themselves.

And now people are mad at me because i refuse to participate (and i don’t have the money to donate).

I’m not doing something that makes me uncomfortable.

So call me selfish, I don’t really care.